Keeping blood sugar regular with diet is the best way to keep your Pancreas healthy and working and to keep diabetes and other diseases at bay. However, research shows that the average person consumes at least 12 pounds of sugar a year.

All this sugar is doing damage to the organ that is most important in processing these binges, the Pancreas. There is a method to repair the organ’s beta cells and get it working properly again. A formulation by Nutritionalist Robert Redfern called Pancreas Plus can stimulate insulin production and normalize blood sugar levels.

Pancreas Plus has several ingredients including Gymnema sylvestre, the only known substance that has been scientifically shown to regenerate Pancreatic B-cells. Tests on lab animals has shown that Gymnema sylvestre, a woody climber from the tropical rain forrest of India, has shown to revitalize the Pancreas and human tests show promise in fighting Type I and Type II diabetes.

Pancreas Plus also has Vanadyl Sulfate, Chromium Polynicotinate, and Niacin. All ingredients work together to stabilize blood sugar and help reverse the damage that causes so many of today’s chronic illnesses.

Redfern has said often that the best step to good health naturally is to change your diet and stop eating sticky carbohydrates. But, with Pancreas Plus sublingual spray, you can help combat the damage that may have already been done to your pancreas.