Nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, pecans and walnuts have been found to significantly reduce the risk of colon cancer according to latest research.

In the observational study, a team of researchers examined more than 800 patients with stage III colon cancer and it was revealed that patients who ate two ounces or more of all of these type of nuts were more than 42% less likely to suffer from recurring colon cancer compared with those who didn’t eat tree nuts.

They also found that patients who consumed nuts also had a 57% lower risk of dying from colon cancer compared to those not consuming nuts.

Studies into the benefits of consuming nuts and the link between diabetes and heart health have highlighted the importance of determining if these benefits could also be applied to colorectal cancer patients.

Tree Nuts Show Promising Results For Colon Cancer

While the emphasis is placed on seeking traditional forms of cancer recovery treatment such as chemotherapy, it is interesting to note that scientific researchers also mention about modifying diet and they recognise that following a healthy lifestyle plays an important contribution in reducing the chances of cancer recurrence or death.

A secondary analysis however suggests that these effects are exclusive to tree nuts. The research team also found that there were no significant reductions in the risk of colon cancer recurrence or subsequent death in patients eating peanuts or peanut butter. The authors of the study also inferred that legumes like peanuts may have a different metabolic composition when compared with tree nuts.

The study does show however that eating something like tree nuts can make a potential difference to a patient’s long-term survival. This is because tree nuts are a healthy addition to any lifestyle however the President of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ACSO) says that eating tree nuts should “not be considered a substitute for standard cancer treatment”.

The findings were slated for presentation at the 2017 ASCO Annual Meeting in Chicago.

Follow My Healthy Lifestyle Plan

Following this advice as part of a really healthy lifestyle is recommended because as I regularly write about, cancer rates are on the increase and prevention is nearly always easier to implement than a cure.

Any deficiency of essential minerals such as selenium or iodine in our diet can cause problems for us, as can consuming foods high in sugar and this includes starchy carbohydrates and grains.

Add in a sedentary lifestyle and lack of movement, along with being surrounded in a modern environment full of toxins from smoke, fumes, industrial/farming chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs and it’s easy to see why all of these elements can weaken our bodies and make us more vulnerable to infection.

As we age our immune system also becomes weaker and cancer cells are more likely to develop in a last-ditch attempt for the body to try and protect itself against infections or toxins.

Unlike traditional treatment plans however that are often accompanied by negative side effects, following an all natural health lifestyle plan can not only make a big difference to your cellular health but will also make you feel healthier and improve your general wellbeing in the long-term.


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Take good care of yourself.


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