Breast cancer risk may be increased by drinking even half of glass a wine a day, a new study has found.

The report from the World Cancer Research Fund suggests that drinking half a glass of wine or small beer each day can increase the risk of breast cancer. The research also suggests that regular sessions of intensive exercise can reduce the risk of disease.

However, scientists can’t explain why breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in the UK or why one in eight women will develop the disease in their lifetime.

The suggestion is that lifestyle factors can play a big part including hormones, along with various health problems and medical conditions.

Big Risk Factors For Breast Cancer

Various risk factors for breast cancer may be ‘out of your control’ and this includes sex, age, height, gender, genes and when a woman starts her periods.

Being female, over 50, having gone through the menopause or having a history of breast cancer are all thought to be some of the biggest risk factors in getting the disease. Cancer Research UK have also indicated that there are 18 different factors that can cause breast cancer to some degree or other – and alcohol is only one of them.

The report issued by the World Cancer Research Fund states that women can lower their risk by looking at their lifestyle factors and this includes focusing on their diet. exercise and weight.

From analysing more than 100 studies and the medical history of 12 million women, the report also backed up the advice about being aware of alcohol consumption. Evidence also found that drinking an extra small glass of wine every day can increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer after the menopause by 9%.

The findings mean that 13 women out of 100 are more likely to develop breast cancer. If they all drank an additional small glass of wine each day then one extra case of cancer may develop amongst the original group.

Don’t Be Fooled By Moderation

This is however where the advice between myself (Robert Redfern) and the experts differ. They suggest eating a ‘balanced’ diet and maintaining a healthy weight are important for reducing the risk of diseases including cancers. Yet scientists seem confused as to which factors interact with each other and seem uncertain as to which drive cancer and to what extent.

The truth is that if you want to recover, the focus needs to be on following a really healthy lifestyle – eating the right foods and doing the right exercises on a daily basis. Many modern ‘balanced’ diets still advocate the consumption of starchy carbohydrates including whole grains and sugary foods. These are known risk factors in increasing inflammation in the body that is a major cause behind so many chronic diseases including cancer.

New guidelines may suggest that men and women should drink no more than 14 units of alcohol a week – that’s the equivalent of six pints of beer or seven glasses of wine – and some days should be free of alcohol altogether.

Staying tee-total is one option as alcohol can be acidic in the body and this causes disruption to the pH balance. However, a better option is to avoid alcohol and to follow a dedicated lifestyle plan for improving cellular health.


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