Today (May 29th) is World Digestive Health Day, a time to raise awareness about the symptoms of digestive diseases. These common digestive issues can also cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), heartburn, GERD and Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD).

It’s estimated that Irritable Bowel Syndome (IBS) affects between 25 and 45 million people in the USA alone. Symptoms can be painful and include gas, bloating, stomach pain and stomach cramps. Finding relief for IBS issues is therefore essential by following these five simple steps..

1. Eat a High-Fiber Diet

Eating plenty of fiber rich foods is highly recommended as they can improve the way your intestines work. Fiber may reduce bloating, pain and other IBS symptoms. Soluble fiber is found in foods such as dried beans, legumes, sprouted oats, barley and dark berries. Choose fiber rich foods for good digestive health and avoid anything that may cause bloating.

If you have IBS consider limiting your intake of dairy products, carbonated beverages, raw fruits and even some cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and brussels sprouts which may trigger bloating and gas.


2. Magnesium

Magnesium is known as the “missing mineral” that’s essential for good health, as it benefits over 300 various bodily functions. Along with helping muscles to contract and promoting healthy bones, Magnesium can support the attract fluids to the digestive tract, helping its contents to move smoothly.

Taking a Magnesium supplement can help to support this process – often in a few hours. For faster cellular absorption and to bypass the digestive system, consider applying it topically onto the skin in the form of a spray, lotion or soaking in its bath flakes.


3. Acupressure

Acupressure is an Ancient technique that can “unravel blockages” deep within the body. A course of acupressure is ideal for anyone suffering with constipation or digestive issues. While research has yet to fully understand the effectiveness of acupressure, many people experience effective pain relief from the treatment.

There are acupressure points for digestive relief can be found on the divot at the internal base of the wrist; outer crease of the elbow and also the perineum. When these are located and stimulated, it can help to provide relief for slow digestion.

One study from 2014 found that when 100 adults with chronic constipation were given perineal acupuncture, it significantly improved their bowel function. Scared of needles? Try the HealthPoint device below to locate the pressure points and find digestive relief.


4. Take A Good Probiotic

Probiotics are live yeasts and bacteria that can restore the natural balance of your digestive system. A powerful probiotic contains soil based microflora that can change the gut in various ways – supporting the brain, metabolism, weight, moods, energy levels, along with the body’s internal communication system.

Probiotics derived from soil based organisms (SBOs) in particular are highly recommended as they are missing from the modern diet. They are an organic food source that can support the health of  your gut.

By supporting and strengthening the immune system, symptoms such as gas, bloating, cramping after a meal and poor nutritional absorption can all be reduced and improved.


5. Meditate

One of the best lines of defence for protecting your gut health, may start in your mind. Reducing stress is essential for maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle. Regular meditation practice can initiate the body’s relaxation response, releasing physical and mental tension. In the process, this can also lead to digestive relief.

A randomized trial of those practicing mindfulness meditation found that it correlated with reduced IBS symptoms. Perhaps not surprisingly, meditating daily is found to give the best results for anyone seeking relief for chronic constipation.


Naturally Boost Your Digestive Health

Taking the above steps into consideration is highly recommended to support and boost your digestive health. Remember, it’s everything together that creates maximum impact. Good gut health starts with acknowledging your nutrition and lifestyle routine, then taking action on these steps on a daily basis.


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