The rise of technology means that children are now spending many hours staring at a screen, even during the early evening hours – sometimes right up until bedtime. A recent study published in the Journal Global Pediatric Health explained the link between a lack of sleep and higher body mass indexes.

Numerous studies analysing extensive technology use in children show that inattention, along with a poor quality night’s sleep are the negative health consequences of too much screen time.

This is even more concerning given that today, thousands of children are given their first smartphone at age six – when they are still developing and one in eight have their own handset by the age of 8 years.

All of this means that children are spending longer amounts of time with their mobile phone – even taking it to bed with them. This can interrupt the sleep length and quality, causing interruptions during the night. Researchers from Penn State College of Medicine have focused on technology use before bedtime in children aged 8 to 17. The team looked at three main factors including BMI, inattention, sleep quality and quantity.

Higher BMI Creates Increased Risk Of Diseases

Penn State Researchers have noted that screen time plays a big role in increased health risks such as high Blood Pressure, Asthma, Type 2 Diabetes, sleep apnea and even heart disease. The researchers analysed the health risks and how screen time plays an important role.

They wrote that, “Replacing time of activity with sedentary technology use is a means by which childhood obesity is becoming more prevalent worldwide.”

Along with less hours of sleep a night, those using technology were found to have higher BMIs according to Science Daily. Those using technology before going to bed were also found to have a bigger risk factor for higher BMIs. Use of the technology was also associated with more fatigue in the morning – another risk factor for higher BMIs.

More Than A Higher BMI…There Are Emotional Wellness Risks

Yet a higher BMI isn’t the only risk factor worth being concerned about. There are many studies highlighting the health concerns of EMF/EMR radiation emitted from mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

Not only can EMF radiation affect general health, it may also make people more prone to anxiety and depression as a result of significant chemical changes in brain tissue.

These concerning findings mean that children and young adults in particular need to be mindful of their mobile phone use. With mobile phone use and screen time on the increase, we need to be careful about the quantity of time we are giving to these devices. In the modern age, avoiding mobile phones is not a possibility.

Protect Yourself And Your Family’s Health

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Once the radiation is minimised or neutralised, then you can know you can use your phone with the safe understanding that you are doing all you can to protect yourself from the any harmful EMF/EMR effects on your emotional or mental health – along with your physical body.

Protect yourself and your children using the Quantogram Hologuard device and they can continue using their mobile phone, minimising any risks to their general health and wellbeing.

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