Detoxing is becoming increasingly popular, with more and more researchers and health care professionals backing its value. And that’s a good thing, because with today’s high-tech modern lifestyle, your communications systems may have become faster, but your body’s eliminative system has probably slowed down.

In the opinion of many researchers and health care professionals, a whole body and organs detox is the superior road to better health. Over time impurities accumulate in the body’s digestive system. The elimination process works hard to get rid of them but as the load increases, it becomes sluggish and not as efficient. You feel literally weighed down and may well lack energy.

Think of a car engine that needs a decoke, its extra power and smooth running that result. When you cleanse and encourage your body’s elimination system, ridding yourself of all those toxins, your whole body and its organs are rejuvenated. The result is a wonderful pick-me-up. You feel as if you have shed the load you’ve been carrying around with you. At last you can set it down and move faster and lighter through life.

In the following pages you’ll read how to:

• Detox and cleanse your kidneys.
• Detox and cleanse your liver.
• Detox and cleanse the whole of your body, colon and skin.

Take this on board and soon you’ll learn what it feels like to be really clean from the inside out.