Taking a Curcumin supplement could improve your BMI and provide metabolic benefits for people who have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) according to a controlled clinical study.

The findings are from a randomised and controlled clinical study suggest that taking a Curcumin supplement for 8 weeks can improve various measures of health including liver fat levels, BMI and transaminase levels in people who have NAFLD.

Reported in the Drug Research journal, the scientists based in Iran looked at the effects of Curcumin and the health measures placed on people who have NAFLD.

The condition is the most chronic liver disorder in Western countries, being estimated to affect around 30% of the general population – and up to 60-70% in diabetic and obese patients.

Curcumin Research Trial Findings

The team supplemented with 1000mg of Curcumin per day (split into two doses) and this was safe and well tolerated during the course of the trial. The results indicated an improved level of metabolic health and this included lowered serum levels of total cholesterol and significantly improved ultrasonographic results.

Supplementing with Curcumin was also shown to significantly reduce body mass index (BMI) by 0.99 points in the Curcumin group, when compared with just 0.15 points for the placebo group.

The test subjects waist circumference was also found to have decreased by 1.74 for those who took a supplement, as compared to the 0.23 reduction within the placebo group.

Product research into Curcumin’s effects have also been associated with reduced serum levels of total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, non-high density lipoprotein cholesterol and uric acid.

This is one of the first clinical studies to investigate the effects of Meriva when it comes to improving liver health. Results indicate that taking a bioavailable Curcumin formulation could possibly help to improve the health status of these subjects.

Curcumin Plays A Powerful Role in Inflammation Relief

The real cause behind health issues such as NAFLD is inflammation, as the result of damaged tissues. Curcumin contains powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can support the healing process within the body for various health conditions.

Adding a Curcumin supplement into your diet is therefore ideal but knowing which one can be difficult, as the challenge is that Curcumin is not easily absorbed into the bloodstream.

One of the best Curcumin formulations is when it’s combined with Meriva® technology as this enhances Curcumin phytosome absorption when it’s released within the bloodstream. The powerful antioxidants in Curcumin also means it can play a major contributing role towards improving non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) amongst other benefits.


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