A Senior Lecturer of Immunology at the University of Ibadan Professor Ganiyu Arinola, has said that cell phone radiation may likely cause male infertility.

As the Head of Department of Chemical Pathology at University College hospital (UCH), Arinola said in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that there had been much public attention on this issue.

The researchers’ attention was focused on safety radiations emitted from laptops on people’s laps and cell phones on belts and in pockets, along with how this impacted sperm damage.

The growing amount of evidence shows their concern about infertility, in relation to how this affects the percentages of couples at reproductive age.

There are other factors that the researchers noted have been linked with infertility of the male. This includes exposure to certain environmental pollutants, lifestyle, occupation or infections of the urinary genital tract.

Cell phones in the pocket or on a belt are also proposed to be one of the main causes of infertility, especially in males, according to Ganiyu Arinola.

How Radiation Can Have An Effect On Male Fertility

Radiation from cell phones can affect the structure of the sperm, its mobility and movement, the number of the sperm and its vitality for being alive for an expected length of time.

The likelihood is that sperms aren’t damaged all at the same time, especially in the short time that a cell phone is in the pocket. While only one sperm is required to fertilise an egg out of millions of sperm cells released during mating, it is the quality of the sperm that will ensure it reaches its destination and eventually create a baby.

Men usually place their cell phones in the pockets of their shirt or suit, or they may have it around their belt or hands which are not in direct contact with the testis sac.

These areas of the human body contains layers of skin, bone and tissue that can provide protection from the direct effects of radiation emitted from cell phones – so the impact isn’t as detrimental.

Sperm damage “was suggested to be the production of “toxic” or reactive oxygen species by radiation from cell-phones,” he said.

Warnings For Men Who Want To Have Children In The Future

According to Arinola, the production of reactive oxygen species are harmful to living cells and proteinous substances that the body sperm cells and supporting materials are made up of. This raises the possibility of cell-phone radiation damaging sperm cells.

Cell phone radiation could also potentially contribute to sperm damage. Arinola does suggest however that more research is required into the proposed health risks from cell-phone radiation and any precautionary measures that may help to protect your health and fertility.

Arinola suggests that men in particular should avoid wearing a cell phone on the belt or in their trouser pocket when it’s in use.

Men who are looking to start a family in the future are also advised to be cautious of the duration they use their cell phone, the frequency of daily use and the length in which it is used.

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