Using your cell phone can be as addictive and destructive to your psychological wellbeing as opioid medication. This is according to a new survey from San Francisco State University.

One hundred and thirty-five students at SF State University participated in the new survey. All of the students were given surveys and asked questions regarding their cell phone habits and overall sense of psychological wellbeing.

The alarming findings show that the longer a person uses his/her cellphone, the higher he/she will experience mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

Cell phone addicts are more prone to loneliness, the researchers claim. They may also have much less experience reading body cues further away from a computer screen.

Cell Phone Use And Mental Health

The surveys also confirm how much multitasking happens on college campuses. Relatively few respondents claimed they did their homework or listened to a lecture without having a screen nearby.

Psychology teachers state that smartphone addiction works in a similar way to opioid medications. Gradually, over time, the neural pathways in the cell phone addict’s brain become “re-wired” and a dependency is formed.

The study’s co-author also pointed out how harmful multitasking can be for a person’s academic performance and interpersonal relations.

The authors of the study suggest that while students may feel they are accomplishing things while multitasking, the brain can’t run to its optimum unless it concentrates solely on one task at a time.

Simple Social Media Solutions For Better Focus

Researchers suggest that shutting off push notifications on your phone can reduce the impact of the stress responses. Encouraging students to schedule a few moments every day to check their social media and emails is highly recommended.

For the rest of the day, it is suggested that students practice focusing on one task at a time, without getting distracted by social media alerts.

Students who feel addicted to cell phones are recommended to increase the amount of social interaction they have with friends and family. When meeting people in public, it’s suggested to turn off your cell phone as this leads to higher quality of conversation and better bonding experiences.

The Health Risks Of Cell Phone Use

Increased anxiety and depression are just some of the negative side effects of regular cell phone use. There are also very real health side effects however.

Cell phone use has been heavily linked to cancer, according to a recent government study. Cell phones emit a non-ionising radiation, known as radiowaves – a type of electromagnetic radiation. This means they are considered “possibly carcinogenic”  and a 2B Carcinogen to humans by the World Health Organisation.

Medical literature also suggests that using a cell phone during your teenage years can result in a 4-5 times higher risk of brain cancer diagnosis.

There are other health risks associated with WiFi and cell phone use. This includes mitochondrial damage to DNA cells, especially sperm. Male sperm that were exposed to cell phone radiation were found to die three times faster than those not exposed to the radiation. This is bad news for men looking to conceive a child with their partner.

Extended cell phone use can also affect your thyroid health. In a one-of-a-kind study published in the Oman Medical Journal, researchers found that students with moderate and heavy cell phone use experienced significant alteration to their thyroid stimulating hormones.

Higher than normal TSH levels and low average T4 levels were observed. It was found that the thyroid hormone levels can alter brain function. Researchers note that based on these results, electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile phones may cause some detrimental effects on the functioning of the thyroid.

Quantogram Provides A Simple, Safe Protective Solution

For all of these reasons, it’s recommended to protect yourself against the harmful effects of EMF and WiFi radiation.  EMF is emitted from cell phones on a regular basis and without some form of protection, you are leaving yourself at risk of their effects on your health.

This is where taking protection into your own hands is absolutely essential. You can take actions to avoid excessive cell phone use but these only provide limited protection.

What is Quantogram technology?

Quantogram technology provides complete protection, against a variety of harmful side effects.

Quantogram technology influences subatomic particles of matter. It is what the Universe is made up of…instilled into one simple and easy to use technology.

Created by using mathematical equations embedded into holograms, Quantogram Technology influences the subatomic particles of matter.

Every equation is calculated for a specific situation. The equation is then embedded into the hologram, where it is then placed next to or onto the appropriate matter (for example a cell phone) to create change.

Quantogram Technology is capable of influencing and creating change within, for the benefit of your health. It can also reduce the effects of WiFi radiation that may cause harmful consequences within the body.

Quantogram Technology can make WiFi radiation safer, reducing any harmful health effects in the process. Rather than blocking the signals, it allows WiFi radiation to be made safe, so you can continue to use your cell phone device.

Taking precautionary measures is recommended. Regular breaks from your cell phone or wireless device is a good idea for both your mental and physical wellbeing.

For best results, you need to start protecting yourself and your loved ones’ long-term mental, emotional and physical health…today. Quantogram technology can play an essential protective role in this process.


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