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Category: 2015

Week 20 (2015) – How Much Protein?

Health News (Week 20 – 2015) By Robert Redfern Last week the Really Healthy Pasta got lots of interest. This week I am answering some of the questions that came from the article. Many of my readers were particularly asking...

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Week 19 (2015) – Pasta

(Week 19 – 2015) By Robert Redfern Really Healthy Pasta! Gluten Free, Organic Legume Pasta There is a big announcement from me this week…something that I know will be very popular with all of you who try to lead a...

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Week 18 (2015) – Is it An Alien?

Health News (Week 18 – 2015) By Robert Redfern If you follow the research on candida and fungus you will know there is a ton of evidence to show that these are the precursors to most of the diseases afflicting humans and...

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Week 17 (2015) – Do Drink And Drive

Health News (Week 17 – 2015) By Robert Redfern If you read my books you will know I advocate drinking a good amount of water over the day for health recovery but I have to admit I do not do this when I am driving long distances....

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