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Category: 2015

Week 27 (2015) – My Own Fault

Health News (Week 27 – 2015) By Robert Redfern As you may have read, Anne and I have been on a real 100% vacation in Italy (as opposed to mostly business) and we’ve had a wonderful time. We stayed at a small town...

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Week 25 (2015) – Happy Flying

Health News (Week 25 – 2015) By Robert Redfern In the last few weeks I have flown on nine airplanes and have been as far as Hong Kong. It is amazing how many people say, ‘You must be shattered’ or ‘How do...

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Week 23 (2015) – Worried Man?

Health News (Week 23 – 2015) By Robert Redfern A long time ago there was a Gospel song: Oh it takes a worried man, sing a worried song Takes a worried man, come sing a little worried song Well it takes a worried man to...

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