Brain Tumors 'Are Linked' With Regular Cell Phone Use |

You may have heard that heavy cell phone use is linked with brain tumors –  even shrugged this age old myth off as an internet rumor. After all, you’ve been using your cell phone extensively for years and so far you’re in good health…

In Italy however, a court has examined the evidence and found a very real connection between brain tumors and the use of cell phones. Yet this case also revealed that the effects go way beyond health implications.

A Telecom Italia worker, Roberto Romeo, sued for Social Security payments after developing a non-cancerous brain tumor and losing his hearing in one ear.

The Italian court ruled on the side of Roberto and blamed the tumor on his “improper use” of the cell phone. Remarkably, his job meant he spent at least three hours a day on his cell phone over past 15 years – when he should’ve used only been using his cell for an hour a day. Quite ironic, given that he works at a phone company!

This is the first time that a court anywhere has recognised that there is a link between cell phone use and brain tumor development, said Romeo’s attorney.

Cell Phones Are ‘Possibly Carcinogenic’

The only way he could have prevented the brain tumor is to use special protective equipment such as anti-radiation ear buds. In effect, they are explaining that you can get a brain tumor by just holding your phone to your ear!

Health experts have known for some time now the very real health dangers that cell phones can emit. The cell phone industry has been involved in a massive cover-up over this for some time.

The court refused to allow any industry-funded studies when analysing the facts in Romeo’s case. However, just last year, researchers from Harvard and Yale conducted studies that placed cell phones on top of cages containing pregnant mice. When the baby mice were born, they showed symptoms that resembled ADHD and autism. One of the researchers claimed they were “bouncing off the walls”.

Cellular phone devices have also been classified as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

Warnings about cellular devices have been given for a long time now. Yet HIS panel member Dr. Mark Stengler says it may be years before “the true impact of cell phone radiation on the public” is revealed.

For his own safety, Dr Stengler ensures that when he uses his cell phone he puts it on speakerphone and places it at least a foot or two away from his head.

Don’t Risk Your Health!

It’s also advised to avoid sleeping with your cell phone on a nightstand, under your pillow or anywhere that’s relatively close to your head. The risk is double for children!

If you’re pregnant, try and keep the cell phone away from your baby bump as much as possible. Even if it’s in your purse or next to your body, this won’t block the effects of radiation.

Men should also be aware not to keep a phone in their trouser pocket. Studies have shown there is a link between low sperm count, impotence and keeping your cell phone close to the male genitalia.


Protect Yourself Against Brain Tumors and Other Health Concerns

Authorities are now agreeing that all digital wireless devices are a health risk. Even more worrying is that even having your cellular device around may cause harm to your health.

While you might not be able to give up your cell phone altogether – indeed, these days it would be unreasonable to do so. It is possible to protect yourself against the harmful radiation that cellular or mobile devices emit. Protect yourself and your family’s health and stay safe with QuantoGram Technology.

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The Hologuard Phone Radiation Harmonizer uses quantum energy technology that rather than blocking signals, resonates a healthy frequency that neutralises the potentially harmful, positive charge field around a portable wireless (WiFi) device.

This includes mobile phones; DECT/cordless phones, laptops, tablets, portable Wi/Fi Hotspot devices and Wi/Fi modems, which may neutralize the harmful resonant effect on human organs and meridians. Don’t risk your health for the sake of a phone call – start protecting yourself and your family today!



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*IARC Classifies Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields As Possibly Carcinogenic To Humans