Antioxidants are becoming more in demand as they can help with reducing inflammation and easing oxidative stress in the body, according to industry experts.

There is a strong body of evidence developing that antioxidants can reduce the risk of chronic inflammatory diseases such as Asthma, Crohn’s Disease, Colitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Ulcerative Colitis.

What are Antioxidants?

The term antioxidants is an all encompassing reference to phytochemicals like carotenoids and polyphenols. Both of these possess properties that are linked with health benefits such as reducing the incidence of chronic diseases like Type 2 diabetes.

Carotenoids provide a number of mechanisms that can decrease the risk of inflammatory mediator production through its effects on cell signalling and gene expression. This can result in a reduced level of damaging oxidants being produced, while promoting healthy gut barrier function and anti-inflammatory responses.

The power of antioxidants lays in their series of complex mechanisms, meaning they provide nutrition support and can be used as a dietary supplement to achieve relief.


Choose AstaXanthin For Powerful Antioxidant Relief

AstaXanthin is a naturally occurring carotenoid pigment and a powerful biological antioxidant that has shown exceptional potential against lipid peroxidation at the cell level, along with the ability to scavenge singlet oxygen, the most damaging of all Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). Astaxanthin has also been demonstrated to be 1000 times more effective than Vitamin E against lipid oxidation and 550 times more effective against singlet oxygen.

Numerous studies have shown that Astaxanthin can reduce inflammation and this has many underlying beneficial effects. It can also play a role in cytokine regulation and inhibiting inflammatory cytokines and chemokines, that guide the migration of cells.

The anti-inflammatory and cell membrane positioning effects of AstaXanthin make it an excellent source of nutrition within the human body. Anyone looking to reduce their inflammation and avoid chronic diseases should therefore consider taking AstaXanthin, as part of a naturally healthy lifestyle.



Recommended Examples


Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 09.34.20AstaXanthin™ with DHA is a naturally occurring powerful biological antioxidant, available in vegetable capsules from Good Health Naturally. It contains 12mg of AstaReal® Astaxanthin 10% and 180mg of DHA Oil. AstaXanthin™ may support immunity, energy, metabolism, reproduction and eye conditions amongst other health benefits.








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SerraEnzyme™ 80,000IU available from Good Health Naturally is a naturally occurring proteolytic enzyme (Serratia E-15) derived from the silkworm intestine but now manufactured in a laboratory. It is highly effective at reducing inflammation by dissolving inflamed tissue, safely eliminating it from the body by excretion from the kidneys. Serrapeptase is highly recommended to be taken alongside AstaXanthin™ for powerful antioxidant relief and for reducing inflammation.

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