Acupuncture can provide powerful and effective pain relief that according to one latest study was found to work even faster than powerful painkillers such as morphine.

The study on 300 emergency room patients found that using a natural treatment involving a set of tiny needles placed along the body can manipulate pain signals – otherwise known as acupuncture.

Painkillers are often provided when someone goes into A&E because they’re experiencing a pain that seems to have come on suddenly. They can’t wait to alleviate the pain so the painkillers are usually given as a “quick fix”.

This latest study however shows that acupuncture doesn’t only alleviate patients’ pain but that it also worked EVEN FASTER than such powerful painkillers as morphine. The 300 A&E patients who had moderate to severe pain, were treated with intravenous morphine or acupuncture.

Some people might find it shocking that acupuncture helped to relieve pain in more patients (92% versus the 78% who were treated with morphine) and they experienced pain relief in LESS time (at a rate of 16 minutes versus a half hour).

This Ancient Chinese medicine has many amazing health benefits and certain health practitioners have been incorporating acupuncture into their practice for this reason. However, while this treatment isn’t readily available in a medical office, the results speak for themselves. The study shows how acupuncture treatment can reduce inflammation within the body while releasing endorphins and these are the body’s way to boost moods and pain-relieving hormones.

Anyone in any significant amount of pain knows how important it is to find relief as soon as possible. Indeed, every moment counts and this study shows that acupuncture can relieve pain in sight minutes or less, while morphine took up to 42 minutes to become effective. Sometimes the morphine didn’t work at all. Even when the morphine did work, it was often accompanied by various side effects such as dizziness, nausea or vomiting.

Acupuncture on the other hand was shown to have practically no side effects. The only risk is that the acupuncture needle may break during insertion which can be fairly common during an acupuncture session. However, many patients can’t feel anything when it does which suggests that this is barely even a ‘side effect’.

Unfortunately, the medical establishment is more than happy to hand out painkillers and chances are low that you will be given an acupuncture treatment to experience pain relief. Despite the many health benefits of acupuncture, they simply won’t provide this as an option as it would invalidate the effectiveness of the painkillers.

The good news is that regardless of if your pain is at “emergency” levels or not, or more minor, it’s possible to receive good health benefits from an acupuncture session that can relieve pain and boost your immunity in the long-term.

Thankfully, modern technology means it’s now possible to receive all the benefits of acupuncture  in one device – without the use of acupuncture needles. The HealthPoint™ device is a hand held acupressure device that enables you to become the Master Acupuncturist from the comfort of your own home. So regardless if you are experiencing considerable pain or not, you can help you and your loved ones to stay pain-free and healthy in the long term.

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