Mike Tawse has had many challenges in his life. He was disabled at birth by cerebral palsy that also caused poor eyesight to the point that most considered him blind. He was given up for adoption by his American mother and was adopted by a British family and lost all contact with his beginnings.
In 1994, his health took a turn for the worse and illness progressed through his body for the next decade, and chipped away at his organs, his muscles and his resolve to live.

By 2005, Mike was on 14 prescription medications to maintain his painful existence and doctors did not give him much hope. He was near death and close friends were planning his funeral. His will to stay alive was gone and in his own words, “I got to the point where I didn’t care. If I survive, I’ll cope with it. If I don’t, someone else will.”
But, one friend didn’t let Mike go quietly. Instead, his dear friend asked him to do some research on a nutritional supplement that she thought might bring Mike some pain relief.
As he was confined to a wheelchair, spent most of his time at home and was comfortable surfing the internet, he agreed to spend the time to do the research on the supplement completely unaware that in doing so his life and his prognosis would never be the same. The supplement was Serrapeptase and Mike now believes it was a miracle.

Mike began to change his life
Because he felt he had nothing to loose, Mike decided to take one tablet a day of Serrapeptase, a proteolytic enzyme produced by the silkworm and known as a natural anti-inflammatory.
His doctor didn’t know much about it, but said it wouldn’t hurt him, so told him he could begin the daily protocol, as long as he didn’t stop taking his prescription medications.

Within 48 hours, the very sick man noticed a difference. “My lungs were clearing up.” He was a bit shocked.
But, that was just the beginning. In just a short time, the chronic heart palpitations stopped and his aching stomach settled down. The overall pain in his body was disappearing, too. And much to his surprise, within less than six weeks of beginning the daily regiment of the enzyme, Mike’s doctors made him a shocking proposal. He could stop taking all 14 of the medications they had prescribed.
On Feb. 18, 2006, he stopped taking his last prescribed medication. “That date is burned into my brain,” he said.
“No one understands why this has happened,” Mike said.
For Mike, he is happy to call it a miracle. So, is the man who provided Mike with his first bottle of Serrapeptase, Nutritionalist and author Robert Redfern. Redfern, who has been writing about serrapeptase and its healthy attributes for years, renamed his book about the enzyme after hearing Mike’s story, to “The Miracle Enzyme.”

Mike celebrates recovery
Today, Mike has been free of prescription medication since 2006 and he just celebrated his 41st birthday with his will and health intact.
And though he no longer suffers chronic pain, irregular heartbeats or any of the number of conditions brought on my years of drug therapies, the miracle for him is his near normal eyesight.
Mike grew up unable to pick out the details of life. He could see color and objects, but he couldn’t describe them. When he got ill, his sight only got worse and worse.

“I grew up surrounded by trees, but I couldn’t identify them, or flowers or birds. For example, I knew there were waves on the ocean. I understood what waves were. If I were in a boat, I could feel them. But, I could not recognize them. My visual signals were scrambled,” he said.
“Now, I can see them.”
Before he was ill, his eyesight was poor. And when he got sick, his eyesight got worse. After just a short time taking Serrapeptase, his eyesight is normal and he can see.
“I would be happy to call that a miracle,” he said. “Why did that happen to me? The fact is, it did. It is measurable. No question. The fact that it happened is a miracle.”
Mike’s story is amazing to anyone who listens to it, but it’s no wonder to Redfern, who is simply shocked at how much “junk” we put into our bodies.

The side effects were killing him
Mike started taking medications to handle the wear and tear that CP was taking on his body. Soon after taking one medication, he would be on another to handle the side effects of the first medication. He took drugs that reduced shaking but slowed brain function. He took medications to reduce pain, but damaged his stomach, so he would have to take medications to counter act the first medications.

He took medication to reduce the fluid build-up in his lungs, but that medicine barely worked, but the doctors were afraid to take him off because they didn’t have anything better to prescribe, they believed. Over the years, his doctors were layering drugs to deal with one issue after another and it was becoming increasing unclear just what was a side effect and what was a condition.

Some parts of his body that worked well, like his short-term memory, were beginning to be adversely effected by the medicines he was on for other ailments, he believes. He once had an incredible short-term memory that enabled him to memorize with one reading an entire novel. But, after years of taking prescription medication, he struggled with remembering anything. Today, his memory is much better and is still improving.
This is exactly the type of medical shell game that has Redfern upset enough to spread the word worldwide that there is a different way, a better way to handle much of what our bodies suffer. “Ninety percent of what we put into our bodies is toxic,” Redfern said. “That’s disgraceful.”
Mike still has cerebral palsy but his condition today is so much better than it was just four years ago.
The strain that CP takes on his muscles has been abated he believes by the Serrapeptase that he takes daily. The enzyme reduces inflammation and helps his body recover from the wear and tear of his lifelong condition that has no cure. Now, all he has to deal with, as he puts it, is the CP, and that for him isn’t too bad.

Sometimes the miracle feels like a dream
Sometimes Mike confesses that he wonders whether this has all really happened to him. He will wake up in the night and suppose for a bit that it has all been a dream.
“There are times when I think, ‘Oh my gosh, has this really happened to me?’ and every once in a while I have a tough day, like everyone else. But my tough days today are better than my best days back then,” he said.

Mike now has a will to live and dream and plan for the future. He hopes to go back to the States and visit his birth country. He is finally well enough for the trip. He has his positive outlook on life back and shares it with others freely.
Mike has changed his dosage to Serranol from the original Serrapeptase. The new formula designed by Redfern includes Bio-Curcumin, Ecklonia Cava extract and vitamin D3, all vital to good health.
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