The average life expectancy is increasing and with the rise of old age, the risk of health problems can increase too. One of the best ways to protect the body and aid off any ailments is with the correct nutrition.

Healthy eating and taking the right nutrients is key to optimal health and avoiding chronic diseases, the risk of which increases considerably. The National Council on Aging claims that 92% of adults are affected by one chronic disease and 77% have two diseases.

As we age, getting all of the nutrients we require for good health becomes more difficult. Health related challenges include impaired nutrient absorption, reduced appetite, poor dental health, cognitive problems along with money and mobility problems.

Nutrition is at the core of good health as it provides the tools needed to protect and to maintain good health, while achieving healthy ageing in the face of any dietary deficits. Researchers believe that the following five nutrients are highly recommended…

  1. B-Vitamins. These are essential for releasing energy from the food, that we use for fuel. They are vital for the nervous system and making you feel alive and awake, as opposed to feeling fatigued and tired. Vitamin B12 is essential for the production of genetic building blocks, including DNA and RNA that support the red blood cells to carry oxygen around the body. Our ability to absorb this Vitamin B12 also declines with age and of the people over 60, it’s estimated that over 15% are affected. B-vitamins can be found in fish, meats, eggs, nuts and legumes.
  2. Magnesium. This is an essential mineral that is critically missing from many modern diets. It is important for normal bone structure in the body and plays a key role in supporting the metabolism. Magnesium can ease inflammation meaning it’s excellent for pain management, while enhancing cell membrane permeability. It can also improve joint mobility, meaning it’s highly recommended for injured joints or bones – crucial as the body gets older and becomes more susceptible to damage.
  3. Vitamin D. A deficiency in Vitamin D is most commonly found in older people and it’s well recognised that ageing can diminish the skin’s ability to produce Vitamin D. This is especially common during middle age and can reduce the amount of Vitamin D that’s available as this is fat soluble and can otherwise become trapped in the fatty tissue. Low levels of Vitamin D can be a major cause of osteoporosis, bone weakness and fracture. It can also support the function of the lungs, the immune system, along with healthy teeth and the brain and nervous system. It may also regulate insulin levels and this can influence the expression of genes that are involved with cancer development. The best source of Vitamin D is from the Sun but as many people may live in countries without access to a lot of regular sunlight, supplementation is highly recommended. The recommended daily intake of Vitamin D is 10 micrograms daily, but many people receive much less.
  4. Potassium. This can normalise blood pressure, regulate electrical activity in the heart and at higher intakes, studies show it can reduce the risk of stroke by 24%. The World Health Organisation recommends a daily intake of 3,510mg but suggests that  the world’s population doesn’t meet this recommendation. Potassium is found in bananas, broccoli, nuts and seeds, fish, parsnips, along with meats like beef and chicken.
  5. Selenium. This is a powerful antioxidant that can fight the effects of ageing. Studies also suggest that selenium can benefit the body in other ways, by reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease. Good sources of selenium include brazil nuts, chia seeds, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, brown rice, lima/pinto beans and flax or sunflower seeds. The level of selenium in European soil is known to be historically poor. This means that many foods grown in these soils contain relatively small amounts of selenium, meaning that daily supplementation is therefore highly recommended.


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